Behind the Scenes of Gwen Stefani's Live Music Video with Target video transcript

Gwen Stefani, wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt, stands on set. People sit and walk behind her, out of focus, as she speaks. GWEN: All right. Here we are. It is the last day. This is it. It has been the most unbelievable, crazy, exhilarating experience of my life doing this live video. It's hundreds of people coming together with their talent to try to make this happen. A far shot shows Gwen from a different angle, revealing ladders and equipment backstage. As she speaks, a man films her. GWEN: Please, if you want to check out how it all came together, check out the behind the scenes of how we made this thing. Gold and white text appear in the center of the screen on a black background. The Target Bullseye logo displays at the bottom of the screen as upbeat music plays. ON SCREEN TEXT: GWEN STEFANI LIVE MUSIC VIDEO Behind The Scenes GWEN (singing): Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh. A group of people sit in a rehearsal space against a dark wall. GWEN: Hi. A group of people wearing roller skates stand or spin around on a large, dark floor with colorful rings drawn on it. GWEN: Notice anything? A man in a black and white shirt speaks to a woman with light blonde hair as people converse around them. GWEN: Seriously, this is so exciting. Gwen stands in the center of a group of people wearing a black and white patterned shirt. She speaks and gestures to the group. GWEN: I wanted to say that I'm beyond honored to have everybody that's here. A group of people rehearse a dance routine in the rehearsal space. Gwen marches past a group of dancers who move as she walks past. GWEN: It's unbelievable, this opportunity... A dark, close shot shows women doing a dance move. The camera follows a person from the waist down as they roller skate in a wavy line and then cuts to a man dancing, using fluid movements as he moves his arms. GWEN: And I just want everyone to know how grateful I am and how lucky we are to be doing this... A swirly red and gray pattern displays on a laptop as a person's hand points to the center of the pattern. GWEN: And it's gonna be incredible. A group of people in dark clothing rehearse a synchronized dance routine. GWEN (singing): But now you are all I see. Multiple quick cuts in fast-forward show multiple sets being assembled to create a large structure in the shape of the red Target Bullseye logo. Equipment and people quickly move in and out of the shots, and different parts of the set light up and go out as the shots move from day to night. WOMAN: This has been a math problem. The challenge was trying to get all the sets that are built in the shape of the Target Bullseye to line up when we're 65 feet above the sets. Gwen stands on the set with a glowing red and white structure, ladders, and equipment behind her. She speaks as people move and converse around her. GWEN: So far today, we are just trying to get the timing on things... Flashing red and blue lights in darkness reveal Gwen in a black and white striped dress being pushed upward as she sits on a white staircase. The camera cuts to a lighter shot where we can see a camera filming Gwen as she sits up. GWEN: Like the in-between, connecting all the dots. Gwen stands on the set and speaks as people move and converse around her. GWEN: It's a lot--a lot--of details, but it's coming together. Multiple monitors and screens show Gwen being filmed in the white and black dress. As a film crew films Gwen, a dancer pulls her by her arm and drags her out of sight of the cameras. A dancer in a black and white outfit speaks in a dark space on set. Lights flash behind her. WOMAN: We pull her out of one scene... Multiple quick cuts show Gwen marching through a scene in the black and white dress. As she walks past a dancer, the dancer pulls the dress off of her, leaving Gwen in a black top and pants, dancing. WOMAN: And we undress her-- I undress her by myself. The dancer continues to speak on set. As she speaks, she taps her index and middle fingers together. WOMAN: Stress. Stress. A person paints a large black brush stroke on a white surface. Gwen holds open a pink robe as she performs in a pink, black, and white patterned room. WOMAN: We're part of the beauty parlor scene, so that's where all the fun action happens. Two women in matching white shirts and pink robes stand on set holding coffee cups. One of the women speaks. A large screen shows Gwen in the beauty parlor set with three women and her hairstylist behind her. Multiple screens show various shots next to the large screen. From behind cables and equipment, we see Gwen being filmed as her hairstylist pulls her through the set on a rolling chair. A woman in an orange dress walks behind them. WOMAN: This is kind of Gwen's world... A far shot of the two women in pink robes reveal their green tights and furry white shoes. One of the women speaks. WOMAN: Where she has Danilo, who is her hairstylist, who just is doing his thing. Multiple screens show Gwen being filmed in the beauty parlor set. Some screens display color bars. Gwen opens a magazine as her hairstylist, wearing a yellow jacket, pulls her on a rolling chair. Women in pink robes sit under hair dryers behind her. Gwen stands in a white and red circular set made of different sized rings. She holds one hand on her hip and the other up on a piece of the set. GWEN: This experience is a true collaboration between me, Target... From behind a camera, we see Gwen on a screen walking through the red and white circular set. GWEN: And my friend, Grammy-award-winning video director Sophie Muller. A closer shot shows Gwen walking through the red and white set in a sparkly jacket. An unfocused shot shows blurred lights, then cuts to an unfocused shot of Gwen in the sparkly jacket. From behind a screen, Gwen is filmed walking past a large black structure with white holes in it. People sit in the holes in various poses. Fatima stands on set wearing a tan outfit and beige hat. White text displays in the lower left corner as she speaks. FATIMA: You can kind of play make-believe in rehearsal... ON SCREEN TEXT: Fatima Robinson Choreographer Dancers wearing Gwen masks walk around Gwen as she removes the sparkly jacket. FATIMA: But when you get into the space is when you really, like, figure out what's doable... Gwen and a group of dancers dance in front of the large black structure with white holes. Fatima directs the group of people on set as one of the dancers climbs back into a white hole in the large black structure behind her. A closer shot of Fatima shows her speaking on set. FATIMA: And what looks good on camera. The camera shows a dancer in a Gwen mask sitting in a white hold in the large black structure, and then pans up to reveal another dancer in the same mask sitting in the hole above her. GWEN (singing): Hey, wait a minute. GWEN: It feels almost like a Rubik's cube to try to figure this out. Gwen stands on set and speaks as people move behind her. A camera man moves his camera and films Gwen and dancers on mopeds as he moves and the set spins. GWEN (singing): Hey, wait a minute. Gwen and dancers perform on mopeds as a large swirling black and white structure behind them spins. GWEN (singing): No, that's not fair. Gwen steps off of the moped set and drops a furry, colorful shawl as a man speaks. MAN: 'Cause now you got me missing you. Whoo! Gwen watches as the man walks past her, speaking. GWEN: Everybody's here because they want this kind of stress... Gwen stands on set in front of a red wall with dark stripes. As she speaks, people film her. GWEN: And we want the challenge. Gwen stands with one arm around a man as she strokes her chin. GWEN: We're excited to do this, but it is literally, like... The camera pans upward from Gwen's feet, revealing a large open white skirt she's wearing over her black top and pants. People film Gwen speaking to a woman in a blue shirt as they stand in front of a large wooden structure on set. GWEN: As soon as you think you got one thing worked out, something else--it--like, it leads into another problem. Gwen speaks as she stands in front of the red wall with dark stripes. A blueprint of the set is displayed with rolls of tape resting on it. Gwen, with raised arms, lowers them and then walks through the set, performing in the white skirt as people film her. GWEN (singing): This is a feeling I'm not used to. Adrian sits on a chair on set and speaks. ADRIAN: Working with Gwen, it's been amazing. Gwen walks through a white and red set as dancers perform around her. ADRIAN: She knows what she wants. Gwen stands with her arms resting on a black bar with purple lighting as dancers perform around her. The camera cuts to Adrian directing the group as he demonstrates a dance move. ADRIAN: She comes in. She puts her personality into the movements and into the scene... Adrian continues to speak as white text displays in the lower left corner of the screen. ADRIAN: Which also helps me dictate what the dancers need to do when it comes to her. ON SCREEN TEXT: Adrian Wiltshire Assistant Choreographer Adrian leans on the bar as he speaks to Gwen on set. Gwen throws her head back as she rests her elbows on the bar and dancers perform around her. She stands up and points at the camera as a dancer behind the bar wipes down the bar. GWEN (singing): Yeah, this is a feeling I'm not used to. A large screen shows Gwen walking through a set performing as dancers perform behind her. GWEN: All right, this is kind of crazy. A far shot shows the set, where dancers perform and the film crew films Gwen walking around a table and resting her elbows on it. GWEN: About ready to do some skating. It's the first time with the camera... People hidden behind the table quickly help Gwen into roller skates. GWEN: So we're gonna see how this all looks and see if I don't get hurt. Gwen speaks in front of the red wall with dark stripes. Dancers rehearse behind her. GWEN: Okay, bye. Gwen and a group of dancers roller skate through a large circular set with red walls that have dark stripes painted on them. Lights flash as they skate through the set. GWEN (singing): Oh, God. Thank god that I found you. Disco balls flash. GWEN: While I was away, they built this elevator lift... Gwen speaks on set below a large circular red and black swirl pattern on the ceiling. Dancers help Gwen up a staircase in front of red trees. They then help her into a big red layered gown. GWEN: So that when I'm at the very end, I can go, "You," and look up into the camera... Gwen speaks on set below a large circular red and black swirl pattern on the ceiling. GWEN: And cannons of confetti goes off. A shot from above shows Gwen throwing her arms up into the air as she stands in the center of the circular structure of the set. Cannons shoot out red confetti. GWEN (singing): Now you got me missing you. GWEN: This is so hard. I don't even know why I'm doing this right now. Gwen stands in front of a white column and a red tree wearing all black. As she speaks, people move and converse behind her. GWEN: But I'm sure it will all work out. I'm being honest. This is scary. The camera focuses in on white labels hanging on hangers on a clothes rack. MAN: Be on your toes, guys, 'cause we will probably not have the luxury... ON SCREEN TEXT: MAHO The camera focuses on dancers wearing green tights and white furry shoes. Two men stand behind a blonde woman as one man adjusts her hair. MAN: Of giving a minute or 30. A woman dabs a brush into a palette of makeup. She then brushes under the eyebrow of a woman with the brush. MAN: It can come as soon as 15, 10, or 5... A piece of equipment holding a light moves across a set and leaves patterned shadows on the white wall. The camera shows the light source. A woman brushes another woman's hair as she sits at a hairstyling station with multiple styling tools on a table in front of them. MAN: So be on your toes. Multiple quick cuts show various costumes on set. GWEN (singing): Yeah, this is a feeling I'm not used to. Two women sit in a control room full of screens and equipment as they speak. WOMAN: Three, two... WOMAN: Ready, one. WOMAN: One. WOMAN: Dip and up on one. A shot from above shows a dark set with red lighting. A bright light reveals Gwen below in the black and white striped dress. GWEN (singing): I'm so mad at you 'cause now you got me missing you. A man picks up Gwen, wearing the white skirt, and spins her around as dancers perform behind them. GWEN (singing): Oh, yeah. The two women in the control room sit behind equipment. One woman speaks. WOMAN: Stand by, beauty parlor, and doors. Gwen performs in the big red gown as she's raised up on a platform. GWEN (singing): This is a feeling I'm not used to. Two dancers help Gwen down a staircase as people cheer around them. A close-up shot shows Gwen smiling and crying. She wipes tears away as people continue cheering. A large group of performers and Gwen gather for a picture in front of a red wall. Gwen pulls in Sophie, smiling and laughing, as everyone cheers. Gwen hugs a woman in the center of a large crowd. Gwen stands in the center of the group of people in all black as she speaks. GWEN: Without Target, this amazing, creative work of art that we just pulled off--I don't even know how--I do know how, but it would never have happened. A gold outline frames a large red Target Bullseye with white text underneath it as people cheer. GWEN (singing): Now you got me missing you! ON SCREEN TEXT: #MoreMusic