C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Intro video transcript

Adam Rosante and Idalis Velazquez, wearing workout gear, stand before a row of windows in a studio and speak to the camera. The white Target Bullseye logo appears in the bottom right corner. 

ADAM: Hey, I'm Adam Rosante. 

IDALIS: I'm Idalis Velazquez. 

ADAM: And we are so excited to bring you this brand-new workout program from C9 Champion and all your friends at Target. 

Idalis and Adam crouch down as they raise their arms above their heads and slowly tilt towards the windows. 

ADAM: Idalis and I designed this program to really lay the foundation for a long-term fitness regimen. 

Cut to a close-up of Idalis on her knees, clutching two yellow weights on the ground as she pushes up slowly. 

Cut to Adam doing a push-up off of his arms with his legs and back completely straight. As he pushes up, he lifts a grey weight with his right arm. 

Cut to a slow-motion shot of Idalis and Adam lifting their bodies up from the side and raising one arm above them. 

Adam's hands grab two large black and silver weights from a rack. 

IDALIS: Be sure to download the calendar to follow along. 

Cut to Adam on his side, with one leg straight out and slightly lifted and the other bent. He balances on one of his arms as he lifts the black and silver weight with his other. He raises the weight above his head. 

ADAM: Now, all of these workouts are really gonna challenge you, but we also created this series to fit in with your busy lifestyle. 

Cut to Idalis and Adam lifting kettlebells and squatting up and down. 

Cut to Adam smiling as he balls his fists together and jogs in place, lifting his legs high up on each jog. 

Idalis and Adam do push-ups on mats. 

Cut to Idalis' legs, then her face, as she jogs in place. 

ADAM: Because at the end of the day, it's all about balance. 

Cut to Idalis' feet as she hops and places a different foot on the yellow weights, lying on the mat, with each hop. 

Quick shots reveal Idalis and Adam balancing on their sides as they lift their arms above them. Idalis rotates a kettlebell around her head. She lifts two kettlebells. She punches the air in front of her. 

ADAM: So you want to focus on progress, not perfection. 

Adam and Idalis continue speaking to the camera. 

ADAM: So get ready, get fired up, because we are about to kick the doors off to your best life. You ready to do this? 

IDALIS: Let's do it. 

ADAM: Let's bring it. 

Cut to a shot of a pair of feet as they step away from a pair of grey weights beside a grey mat. The C9 Champion logo appears in the middle of the screen, then flips over to reveal the white Target Bullseye logo. White website text appears at the bottom of the screen.