Watch YouTube Stars Evan and Jillian from EvanTubeHD Interview Celebs on Target's Red Carpet video transcript

Evan and Jillian stand on the red carpet in front of a large red wall covered with Target Wonderland logos. ON SCREEN TEXT: Evan & Jillian "EvanTubeHD" YouTube Stars EVAN: Hey, guys, I'm Evan... JILLIAN: And Jillian. EVAN: Reporting live at the red carpet in Target's Wonderland. The screen fades to white and a huge Christmas tree made of Hulk fists fades in. The fists light up. Light jazzy music plays. People stand around and chat while Neil Patrick Harris moves through the crowd. A hand lowers a Target Wonderland shopping bag down from inside a chimney. EVAN: We're here with Target CMO Jeff Jones. Evan, Jillian, and Jeff Jones stand on the red carpet. EVAN: What brings you to Target Wonderland? ON SCREEN TEXT: Jeff Jones Chief Marketing Officer, Target JONES: Well, I'm so thrilled that both of you are here. A shot change reveals a post with signs pointing in different directions. ON SCREEN TEXT: #TARGETWONDERLAND THE ORNA-MAKER AWESOMENESS JONES: Tonight we're kicking off Target Wonderland. A huge pyramid of presents sit atop a cart. People mill about in front of a giant Etch A Sketch that is a monitor. JONES: We're celebrating all things magical about the holiday season. Evan holds his microphone up to Jones while Jillian stands by. JONES: And to bring all of this together and watch toys come to life in this magical playground, that's what we're doing here tonight. A remote-controlled toy car races around a track. A young boy controls a BB-8 figure remotely. Evan and Jillian interview Jones on the red carpet. EVAN: What was your favorite toy as a kid? JONES: I think my favorite toy as a kid was a drum set. I remember that morning and my grandparents gave me a big, red drum set for Christmas, and I was a terrible drummer, but I played it like crazy, and I remember it like yesterday. Jillian interviews Kristen Bell on the red carpet as Evan looks on. ON SCREEN TEXT: Kristen Bell Actress JILLIAN: What are you doing here today? BELL: I am here to celebrate the Target Wonderland party. JILLIAN: My favorite movie is "Frozen." A pan down reveals a "Frozen" play set. BELL: My favorite movie is "Frozen" also-- Bell crouches down and talks to Jillian. BELL: Frozen too. Maybe not "Frozen 2" 'cause it's not out yet. Jillian and Evan stand in front of Camila Alves on the red carpet. JILLIAN: I'm here with Target's partner Camila Alves. ON SCREEN TEXT: Camila Alves Model/Target Partner JILLIAN: What are you most excited to see at Wonderland? ALVES: I'm excited to see "Frozen" castle-- A shot change shows off a purple vanity and mirror. ALVES: The "Frozen" castle and I'm excited to see the drones. A man tosses a Millennium Falcon shaped drone into the air and it floats. JILLIAN: What is on your kids' Christmas wish list? Jillian and Evan stand with Alves on the red carpet. ALVES: Whew. It's a long list. We are gonna have to talk to Santa Claus to see what he's gonna bring or not, but a drone is definitely in there. Evan and Jillian stand with Neil Patrick Harris on the red carpet. ON SCREEN TEXT: Neil Patrick Harris Actor & Singer EVAN: We're here with Neil Patrick Harris, the voice of Target's Holiday Odyssey. Harris chats with several people. JILLIAN: What's on your kids' wish list this year? Jillian raises her microphone to Harris. HARRIS: Oh, well, Gideon is very into "Star Wars"--obsessed with "Star Wars" and Legos. And guess what there's a lot of. EVAN: What? HARRIS: "Star Wars" Legos. EVAN: What's your favorite holiday memory from when you were a kid? HARRIS: Oh, wow. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico. It was way up--way up in the mountains, and it would snow a ton. And so we had white Christmases sometimes, and that was the best. It would snow... Harris ponders for a moment and spreads his hands apart. HARRIS: That much. What about you? EVAN: Um, I like going to Lake Tahoe sometimes. HARRIS: Lake Tahoe? Gambling. EVAN: Mm-hmm. HARRIS: Yeah. EVAN: No. HARRIS: Oh, no. I love presents. Who doesn't love presents? What's the new Playstation? What number is it? Playstation 17? EVAN: [laughs] Four. HARRIS: They're only at four? All right. Cool. I'll get you one. EVAN: [chuckles] Thank you. HARRIS: You're so welcome. Nice to meet you guys. Evan and Jillian stand on the red carpet in front of the large red wall. EVAN: This is Evan and Jillian signing off from Target Wonderland. JILLIAN: Come on down. Kids stand in front of vertical screens and move around. Several children stand at a table together. A woman adjusts a girl's sleeve and the screen fades to white. The Target Bullseye logo appears over a blurry video in the background. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target