See What Inspired Adam Lippes to Go Mad for Plaid with Target! video transcript

A Tudor-style cottage in a lush green garden. Inside, rustic and lavish furnishings sit in dark wainscoted rooms with large windows and exposed beams. In a large green yard, a dog lopes past a man in a white T-shirt. Inside a brightly lit room, the man fusses with garments from a nearby clothing rack. The garments all feature bold checked plaid patterns in various colors. 

Upbeat music plays. 

ADAM LIPPES: Plaid is a very storied pattern, one that's been around for a very long time and one that we, as Americans, kind of take an ownership of. 

From a white sofa with a honey-colored wood edge backed by an ornate white wall, the man in the white T-shirt, revealed to be Adam Lippes, speaks. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Adam Lippes 

Fashion Designer 

ADAM LIPPES: What's incredible about plaid is that it crosses the boundaries of fashion. 

In a studio, a model flounces in a dark coat. Lights flash periodically. A close-up of a model in a turtleneck sweater with a large beige checked pattern, buffalo plaid. Sets of coordinating backpacks and overnight bags sit at the foot of beds in lavish rustic rooms. 

ADAM LIPPES: So Target came to me and talked to me about this whole idea of the store going sort of mad for plaid, which was a really fun, really novel, really new idea. And the challenge, to me, was can you and do you want to create a collection based around buffalo plaid? As an American sportswear designer... 

In a white subway-tiled kitchen, Adam feeds two dogs treats from a black and white buffalo plaid cookie jar. One dog drinks from a black and white buffalo plaid bowl. 

ADAM LIPPES: Plaid has been close to my heart since I began. Buffalo plaid is a bit stronger than other plaids. There are tons of different kinds of plaids, but buffalo plaid is based more on the square... 

A close-up of various plaid garments hanging on the clothes rack. 

ADAM LIPPES: Not so much on the line. 

Adam continues talking from the white sofa. A large toy horse sculpture stands in the bright window of a darkly wainscoted room. Outside, Adam sits at the edge of a body of water in an Adirondack chair. 

ADAM LIPPES: The inspiration for the collection as a whole really came back to my country home here in Massachusetts in the Berkshires. But a lot of the final designs, the final sketches for the collection, were created here. 

In a series of shots, Adam strides along a path mown in tall green grass. Hands knead dough on a wooden tabletop. A man handles a tray of bagels. 

ADAM LIPPES: There's a lot of craft here. There's a lot of people making beautiful things by hand. One of my favorite places here in the Berkshires is actually right next door called Gould Farm. It's an incredible place, especially 'cause I get to sample it. 

The camera pans in on a tall wood-edged chalkboard propped on a doorjamb. An array of fancy wrapped cheeses and meats displayed in coolers. 









ADAM LIPPES: A place I think is very special in Berkshires is in the town of Great Barrington. It's called Rubiner's. It's a gourmet food shop. 

A lush green yard dotted with clumps of shrubberies and tall colorful flowers. Inside, Adam hangs garments on the clothes rack. He holds up a pair of slacks and a top before hanging them on the clothes rack as well. 

ADAM LIPPES: And nature. I mean, nature here is the greatest--the greatest joy of all. It's just a super peaceful interesting place, very important to what I create for my collection and what we created in the collaboration for Target. 

White text appears next to a Target Bullseye logo as the image fades. 


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