2015 Holiday Hiring Video video transcript

Festive instrumental music plays.
Across an animated landscape of three blue, rolling hills dotted with blue pine trees and white, falling snow, a train of five red Target shopping carts rolls down the hill in the background from the left side of the screen. Bullseye the bull terrier rides in the last cart, a blue scarf waving behind him. The carts connect at the bottom of the slope before continuing up another slope and separating as they move offscreen on the right. White text appears at the bottom of the screen.
ON SCREEN TEXT: targetseasonaljobs.com
The train of carts rolls along the middle hill from the right and offscreen on the left.
As four of the carts pass across the foreground of the screen from the left, white text appears behind them. Bullseye rides in on the last cart, bumping the other carts offscreen. White letters tumble on-screen behind him, forming into words. Bullseye's cart comes to a stop. Then the cart's front wheels lift up, and the cart zooms offscreen.
ON SCREEN TEXT: oh what fun.
The screen zooms into the period mark at the end of the word "fun." A red Target Bullseye logo appears on a white background above blue text and small gray text.
ON SCREEN TEXT: join our holiday team.
ON SCREEN TEXT: apply today: targetseasonaljobs.com