Thanks a billion! video transcript

Four red Target baskets with white Target Bullseye logos sit stacked on a white tiled floor in front of a red wall with black molding. A woman steps into the frame from the right and takes the topmost basket. Upbeat music plays. A red backpack sits on a teal tiled floor in front of a white wall with black molding. A girl slides into the frame from the right, picks it up, and runs out of frame to the right. GIRL: Guess what. A man takes a small glass off a shelf display containing many similar glasses in a Target store. GIRL: Every time you shopped at Target or A girl wearing safety goggles takes a beaker from a table in a classroom. A person types "diapers" into a Target app on a white tablet device on a yellow tabletop. A cup of coffee and a small plant also sit on the table. A child presses some keys on a piano. Two octaves of white keys are labeled with red stickers. GIRL: You gave to schools. A woman in a gray shirt pulls a gray sweater over her head in front of a red door with gray walls on either side. GIRL: You might not have even known it... A girl in a dragon costume pulls a dragon mask over her head in a classroom containing a piano and various props. She raises both arms over her head. GIRL: Rawr! A woman reaches for a towel at the top of a rainbow-colored display of towels and washcloths. GIRL: But you were doing something amazing. A girl reaches up and sticks a pin into Italy on a large map of the world. GIRL: And that amazing thing... A man in a teal shirt uses a key to cut the tape on the top of a cardboard box bearing a red Target Bullseye logo. Behind him are charcoal gray cabinets with a white countertop and two coffee cups, one red and one light blue. GIRL: Turned into something unbelievable. A girl sitting at a desk in a classroom uses a ruler to draw a straight line across a sheet of paper with a #2 pencil. Behind her, other children also draw with #2 pencils. The girl looks up and smiles. The girl who placed the pin in the map turns around and smiles. GIRL: You helped raise $1 billion for students like me. The girl in the dragon costume raises her arms in front of her and stomps her feet. The girl in the science classroom smiles into the camera. A group of children run through the rightmost of three red doors in a white-walled school entryway with a teal tiled floor. GIRL: So thanks a billion. Red text appears one word at a time in front of a white background. A cartoon pencil swoops in from the left and draws a black underline beneath the words. ON SCREEN TEXT: thanks a billion A red Target Bullseye logo appears in front of a white background over a small block of red text. A cartoon pencil darts in from the left, curves around the outer edge of the Target Bullseye logo, and exits on the right side of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: The Bullseye Design is a registered trademark of Target Brands, Inc.