TargetStyle, in Vogue. video transcript



Energetic music plays. 

In fast motion, photography crews prepare various sets for photo shoots, placing cameras, lights, dividers, and decorations. 

A woman sings in French. 

In fast motion, two people construct a metal frame for a backdrop, and people move among camera equipment carrying props and constructing stages. A white classic convertible car sits parked in front of a broad splotch of pink paint on a white background. 

A model in a multicolored dress sashays to a set. She smiles as she holds a paintbrush up to her face. 

A model in a black and white patterned dress pushes through a wall of white paper. Another model in a blue dress laughs as she holds her hand up to a papier-mâché bird. A model in a large, white fur coat catches a white balloon, then blows white powder into the camera. 

A hand strokes the torn wrapper of a massive Hershey's chocolate bar. 

Two models in blue and red plaid kick their legs as a boy with a bagpipe jumps in the air. 

A red-haired model laughs as a hand strokes a brush across her forehead and another person holds a heeled shoe above her head. 

A person paints red lipstick onto a model in a swim cap, who then poses lying on her back with her legs raised in the air under a red ball. 

A model holding a black bag gives a look of surprise, then smiles. 

The red-haired model balances a heeled shoe on her head and holds the other shoe up to her cheek. 

The model in the blue dress sits astride the papier-mâché bird. 

In fast motion, a crew sets up a black and white checkered stage with black and white umbrellas. Then models pose on the stage. 

A model in a black hat jumps while holding a wired telephone handset up to her ear. She attempts to hold three telephone handsets at once but drops one as she jumps again. 

A crew prepares a model in a large blue, red, black, and white hood. Then she poses while sitting. 

Various models pose. One stands among a set composed of giant palettes. Another sits in the driver's seat of the convertible. Another poses dressed in black fur, while another holds an open lipstick to her lips. 

The model in the white fur coat bats at the balloon with her hands, then covers her face as she laughs. 

The model with the paintbrush waves it dramatically as she walks toward the camera. The models laugh as they pose. 

The model in the swim cap stands and walks off the set. 

The model with the black bag walks around the back of the convertible as black text appears on-screen. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: TargetStyle, 

in Vogue. 

The model reaches for her bag on the ground behind a red Target Bullseye logo with small white text underneath. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Bullseye Design, Expect More, Pay Less, and TargetStyle are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc.