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Upbeat music plays. 

A makeup artist holds a brush up to a model's face. Numerous brushes stand in cups. Various people prepare models for a photo shoot, adjusting hair and clothing and applying makeup. 

Zanna Roberts Rassi converses with a male model dressed in a blue-green plaid shirt. Then she interviews seated in front of a window overlooking city skyscrapers. A transparent gray box with white text beside a white Target Bullseye logo slides in at the bottom of the screen, then slides off. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Zanna Roberts Rassi 

Marie Claire, Senior Fashion Editor 

ZANNA ROBERTS RASSI: As an editor who's been attending the fashion collections for ten years, I don't think there's ever been a fall where I've not seen plaid on the runway. 

A model poses in a black jacket with her hands in the pockets of her black jeans as a camera bulb flashes. Another model poses and smiles in a cream-colored sweater. Then a third model wearing sunglasses poses in a blue, gray, and white plaid sweater. 

ZANNA: It's such a versatile fabric. It truly is everybody's best friend. 

Adam Lippes interviews in front of a rack of plaid sweaters. A transparent gray box with white text beside a white Target Bullseye logo slides in at the bottom of the screen, then slides off. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Adam Lippes 


ADAM LIPPES: I think the plaid trend has never really gone away. It's always kind of been in the undercurrent of American sportswear. 

A pair of plaid shoes sits on a brown marbled background. A black-and-white plaid dress hangs among other clothing on a rack. Then a model poses in the dress, her hair blowing in the wind as camera bulbs flash. 

ADAM: Uh, but over the years, it's been infused from sort of working shirts up to high fashion. And Target is kind of mad for plaid for fall, which is great when a brand takes a risk like that and does it in a big way. 

Adam adjusts a model's cream-colored sweater and zips it up. Then Zanna holds up her hands on the arms of her chair as she speaks. 

ZANNA: I mean, the entire store is plaid. 

The camera pans over various plaid products laid on displays against a white background. Camera bulbs flash. Zanna points emphatically as she speaks. 

ZANNA: How much fun is that? It's such a statement fabric anyway, so to be able to have it in so many iterations from in the grocery aisles or in the beauty aisles or, obviously, in the fashion aisles, it was really just a fun idea, and there is no excuse for not wearing plaid this fall. 

Photographs of models dressed in plaid hang in rows and columns on a black wall. 

ADAM: So Target came to me and talked to me about this whole idea of the store going sort of mad for plaid, and then the challenge to me was, can you and do you want to create a collection based around buffalo plaid? 

A man adjusts a model's hair. Then the model poses in a pink and white plaid sweater. 

ADAM: I'm an American sportswear designer, so plaid is true to my DNA as a designer. So it was a challenge that I was excited to take on. 

Zanna gestures as she speaks. A person adjusts a model's clothing. Camera bulbs flash over a pair of black and red plaid shoes. 

ZANNA: So we styled the look book in a way that I think appeals to everyone. So we wanted to do plaid looks for the day, kind of a bit more street than we've done it, right, with the blazer and the ripped jeans and the cool shoe, and it's kind of like a bit more of an '80s vibe. 

Zanna looks up and rolls her hands as she speaks. A model in a buttoned buffalo plaid shirt and skirt adjusts her glasses as she poses. Another model crosses her arms as she poses in a black jacket. 

ZANNA: Then we've done it also for the office, so we've got some really cute, fun, playful looks but will work in a business environment. Then we've done it for evenings, which is more unexpected. We've got this cool fringe leather skirt with a plaid shirt. 

The model in sunglasses dressed in a plaid sweater and jeans sits on a stool and poses. The male model in a blue-green plaid shirt crosses his arms as he poses. He smiles as the camera bulbs flash 

ZANNA: You know, there's so many ways and times of day and people who can wear it that we just wanted to show its versatility. 

The model in sunglasses wears a blue-green plaid shirt and gray and black plaid scarf as she poses. The camera pans the black leather handles of a plaid handbag. 

ADAM: It looks great with, of course, a pair of jeans--a plaid top--but also might look great with black miniskirt to wear out at night. 

Adam adjusts a model's cream-colored plaid sweater. Then the model poses as a photographer stares down into his camera. Adam gestures with his head as he speaks. The male model puts his hands in his pockets and poses. 

ADAM: But over the years, it has really invaded high fashion. So now there's been great plaid gowns worn to gala events. People wear plaid to work. They wear it out on a Saturday night, and they still wear it, you know, for a real workman's shirt, so it's sort of all over now, which makes it so fun. 

The camera focuses on the wall of photographs. Various people prepare different models. 

ZANNA: There isn't a decade that we haven't seen plaid. I mean, it just keeps on giving. 

The model in sunglasses poses. Then in a blurred background, a model holds her fingers up to her mouth as she poses while white text appears next to a white Target Bullseye logo. 


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