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Four women, two brunettes and two blondes, sit in front of three racks of clothing on hangers. The women are all plus-size except for a blonde woman in the center, revealed to be Zanna Roberts Rassi, who speaks. The women smile. 

ZANNA: I'm Zanna Roberts Rassi, and I am here with Chastity, Gabi, and Nicolette. You may remember them from the spring collection. This time around they've been to Target headquarters and had a little bit of input on the design. 

In a series of shots, stacks of jeans, a leather jacket, green leggings, a shearling jacket, a multicolored blouse are displayed on a wooden floor. 

In a series of shots, the women look through the racks of clothes, holding up pants and trying on jackets. 

GABI: Told them I loved soft pant joggers, obviously. They're my favorite, so I'm happy to see they did more of those. 

In the seated shot, a dark-haired woman next to Zanna, revealed to be Gabi, speaks. She and Zanna gestures to the clothes and all laugh. 

GABI: I told them I loved bold prints and printed sets. 

ZANNA: I mean, they really listened to you. 

GABI: So I see a lot of printed sets here of matching tops and bottoms, which is amazing. 

In a series of shots, the women's hands move hangers of clothing on the racks. A tag is visible on a shirt. It reads "Ava & Viv." 


NICOLETTE: I wanted pieces for the in-between moments and weekends and when you're running errands but you still want to look held together and chic. 

The woman on the far right, revealed to be Nicolette, gestures to her checked black and maroon plaid shirt as she speaks. 

NICOLETTE: This top I absolutely love. I think it's something you can wear work to weekend and look great. 

CHASTITY: I wanted more dresses, more wrap dresses, things that are easy for, like, a variety of body types, and they took a lot of the bold prints that we chose... 

The brunette woman on the far left, revealed to be Chastity, speaks. 

CHASTITY: And put 'em on, like, those items as well, so it's just so fancy and so good. 

ZANNA: A wrap dress works on anyone. 

NICOLETTE: Everybody. 

ZANNA: From a size 2 to a 24. 

GABI: She looks great in this one. 

ZANNA: It looks beautiful. 

In a series of shots, the women look through the racks of clothes, trying on sweaters and holding up colorful blouses. 

ZANNA: So what are the big trends for fall in the Ava & Viv's collection? 

In the seated shot, the women speak. 

GABI: I think the color palette all over the collection is amazing. I love the deep tones, like the emerald green with the blush. The whole collection just screams fall. 

CHASTITY: Layering. There are so many great pieces here to layer with sweaters and button downs and, like, you can really, like, look like a fashion pro even if you're not. 

NICOLETTE: I love coordinated sets. I absolutely love them. We all do. 

GABI: Don't steal our answer. 

NICOLETTE: I'm sorry. 

ZANNA: It was all of our answers. 

NICOLETTE: We all love coordinated sets. I think one of, like, the most genius layering pieces... 

In a close-up, the camera pans over a black leather jacket with a zipper closure. In another shot, Chastity dons the leather jacket on top of a printed black and white wrap dress. 

NICOLETTE: In the collection is this little leather, like, Moto jacket, because you can wear it with jeans, you can wear it with the wrap dress and edge it up a little, and it just goes with everything and pulls together your outfit into a look. 

Gabi looks at clothes hanging on a rack. In another shot, she clasps her hands and smiles widely. In the seated shot, she speaks. 

ZANNA: Gabi, any hot denim tips from you? 

GABI: I have tried flares recently, and I really love them, so I'm really trying to push myself past the skinny jean and get back in the boot cut and flares to see how I can, like, incorporate that '70s trend into my fall looks. 

ZANNA: '70s trend and one of the best leg lengtheners there is on the planet. 

Nicolette looks through jeans and pants hanging on a rack. In the seated shot, she talks. 

NICOLETTE: So I'm generally not a denim girl. I am all about my skirts and dresses, but they're so comfortable. You can wear them for 16 hours straight and feel awesome about it. 

In the seated shot, Zanna clasps her hands and looks at the women as she speaks. 

ZANNA: Girls, thank you so much. I love talking style with you. The girls in the know, so many tips and tricks. The Ava & Viv collection will be available in Target starting August. Go buy it. 

In a series of shots, Chastity looks through the racks of clothes. Two women cluster around Gabi, fluffing her hair and applying powder. The four women line up, smiling at one another. White text appears over the image as it blurs and fades. 

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