A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Back-to-School Commercial Shoot video transcript



Various lights and camera equipment stand in a brightly lit photography studio. A girl is visible on a monitor holding a director's clapboard. A woman with a bag strapped over her shoulder walks off the set. The white Target Bullseye logo and white text details appear over the shot as funky upbeat music plays. 


behind the scenes at Target 

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A girl stands in front of a white backdrop in the studio and does a forward flip. 

A girl sits in a leather chair as a man brushes her hair into a ponytail. 

A woman pats powder on a girl's nose. The girl wears an oversized blue headband. 

A boy stands near the set and tosses a blue cap in the air. He catches the hat on the top of his head. 

The girl with the oversize blue headband, revealed to be Maddie Ziegler, waves and speaks to the camera. 

MADDIE: Hi, Bullseye View. I'm Maddie Ziegler. 

The boy with the blue cap, revealed to be Kida Burns, speaks to the camera. 

KIDA: Hey, what's up? I'm Kida Burns. 

Maddie continues speaking. 

MADDIE: And right now I'm behind the scenes for the Target Back to School commercial. 

A group of kids stand before the white backdrop and dance together. 

Maddie stands before the white backdrop as a man and woman style her hair. 

MADDIE: It's amazing to be on set for the Target commercial today because, first of all, we get to model really cute clothes from Target. 

Maddie continues speaking. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Maddie Ziegler 


Kida continues speaking. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Kida the Great 


KIDA: Being on set today is an amazing feeling. 

Maddie sits before the white backdrop with a group of girls, all dressed in denim. She gives a young girl a high five. A girl gestures as the group laughs together. 

MADDIE: It's definitely all fun, and everyone's just really uplifting and having a great time. 

Maddie and the group of girls sit together as Kida joins them. 

Kida continues speaking. 

KIDA: My inspiration is my older brother Shaheem. 

Kida dances in front of a clothing rack filled with denim garments, wiggling his arms and torso fluidly. 

KIDA: He taught me how to dance when I was four years old. 

Maddie continues speaking. 

MADDIE: I started dancing at the age of two. 

Maddie twirls and dances before the white backdrop. 

MADDIE: My mom put me in at this random ballet school. 

Kida continues speaking. 

KIDA: So ever since then, got bigger, been taking classes, and just improving. 

A girl dances and shimmies in front of the white backdrop. 

A blonde girl dances as two men wearing black sit to the side next to a monitor. 

A boy does a backflip, landing into the splits in front of the white backdrop. 

A boy break-dances, spinning on his head, while Maddie, Kida, and the other children point and dance around him. 

Maddie continues speaking. 

MADDIE: My inspiration for my style? I would say I like to kind of dress it up, but also keep it really cool. 

Kida continues speaking. 

KIDA: I would describe my style just very chill. 

Kida continues dancing fluidly in front of the clothing rack. 

Maddie walks up to an overhead camera as she stands before the white backdrop. 

MADDIE: Whoever you are, dress like that, and that's the person that I like in style--not really caring what they look like and kind of dressing for who they are. 

Cut to the photography studio monitor and equipment. A girl is visible in the monitor as she dances enthusiastically. 

Kida continues speaking. 

KIDA: But for me, if I look good, I dance good. Just confidence, all confidence. 

Maddie walks before the white backdrop and kicks her leg high, then dances. 

MADDIE: I really, really like these stretchy jeans from Target. 

Maddie sits in the room with the clothing rack and lifts her leg straight beside her head and smiles. 

MADDIE: I can lift my leg without them ripping or anything. They're, like, so stretchy. 

Maddie dances and does a front flip before the white backdrop. 

MADDIE: It's really--they're really good. 

Maddie continues dancing as the white Target Bullseye logo and white text details appear. 


behind the scenes at Target 

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