Thanks A Billion: Arne Duncan video transcript

A man wearing a dark-colored suit speaks to the camera in front of a navy blue background.

U.S. Secretary of Education

ARNE DUNCAN: As part of Target's wave of appreciation to teachers, I'd like to take a moment to thank teachers everywhere for your unwavering commitment to service and students. The impact you've made in your classrooms and in your communities hasn't just helped kids and families and schools in your local areas; you're readying an entire nation for the future child by child. To every teacher who's experienced the heartbreak of a student facing trauma or loss and to every teacher who's known the joy of a student making a breakthrough, to every teacher who's spent early mornings and late evenings at school, your work and your service matter tremendously. Thank you so much. Families, community members, students, please take the time to appreciate the vital role that teachers play in all of our lives. And now, let's start a nationwide movement to thank and appreciate teachers. Please show them your gratitude; they absolutely deserve it.