Thanks A Billion video transcript

White words appear sequentially in front of a red background. When the word "awesome" appears, a set of short, white lines radiate outward from it and vanish.

Upbeat music plays.



Teachers are awesome

Because they unlock our imaginations

A cartoon boy in a yellow shirt and red sweater vest opens a pop-up book, causing the white background behind him to change into a scene from outer space. A white astronaut's helmet lowers onto his head, and a shooting star zooms across the scene behind him. A small, ringed pop-up planet floats up from the book, and a pop-up rocket detaches and flies in an upward spiral around him.

White text appears sequentially in front of a red background. Each of the numbers is also red, contained within a small, white circle.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 1 Click the link
2 Thank a teacher

3 Target will give $25 to their school

White text appears over a red background. The ends of two sharpened pencils dart in from the top of the screen and connect, forming a heart shape.

ON SCREEN TEXT: thanks a billion

The image folds down onto itself, revealing a red Target Bullseye logo centered above a block of fine print in front of a white background.