While many of Target’s benefits are listed here, team member eligibility for these benefits varies and may be based on average hours worked, location and length of service at Target.

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Health & Well-being

health benefits


Target is committed to providing affordable, quality health care coverage to team members and their families. We offer comprehensive health plan options for team members. Eligibility is based on average hours worked, length of service and position.

Additionally, Target offers a Flexible Spending Account for health care, which allows team members to save a portion of their paycheck in a tax-free account to use for eligible health care expenses.

Enrolled team members and spouses/domestic partners can participate in our incentive program to earn money that Target will contribute to their health accounts.


Target’s dental plans provide options to meet the needs of our team members and their families. All plans provide 100 percent coverage for preventive care services. Team members can also choose a plan that covers major dental work and orthodontia services.

well-being educational resources

Well-being-focused events, workshops, webinars and more support team members as they work toward their well-being goals.

well-being captains

Well-being captains keep team members informed of new company initiatives and events related to well-being. They inspire teams to embrace well-being – both inside and outside of work – in fun and creative ways that fit the team’s culture.

programs & rewards to encourage healthy actions

Target encourages team members to take a more active role in their health with simple but potentially life-saving actions like knowing their biometric health numbers, and understanding their health status and risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more.

A health and wellness webpage offers online tools and helps team members assess their health, set goals, and receive personalized recommendations to help them take action, see results, enjoy successes and maximize their money.

Onsite events with biometric health screenings help team members confidentially identify undetected health risks before they become serious health conditions. Team members can get a free flu vaccination, and can take advantage of a free tobacco cessation program, reduced Weight Watchers® fees and more.

Team members who are enrolled in a Target-sponsored medical plan can even earn rewards for healthy actions.

wellness discount

All U.S. team members save an additional 20% off fruits and veggies, Simply Balanced and C9 merchandise at Target and This ongoing discount will automatically be applied when the Team Member Discount card is scanned at checkout.

Team Member LifeResources

With Team Member LifeResources, team members and their households can get free, confidential counseling, support and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Team Member LifeResources can help with life’s challenges and successes, from coping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss to providing fitness tips, nutrition information and interactive weight and exercise tools to help improve one's health and everything in-between.

Team members and their families also each receive up to five free counseling sessions per issue, per year through Team Member LifeResources. 


When team members enroll in a Target medical plan, they're automatically enrolled in the Vision Exam Plan, which covers eye exams. They may also enroll in a Vision Eyewear Plan to help cover the costs of glasses and lenses.


Enrolled team members and family members get the opportunity to use Telehealth, which is a service that allows participants to talk to a doctor or healthcare professional using a mobile device or computer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

maternity support program

Our free Maternity Support Program provides resources and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for expecting mothers. Best of all, those who enroll during their first 17 weeks of pregnancy receive a 10% off coupon to use at Target stores and, and a Target GiftCard® upon program completion.


Team members and their families enrolled in a Target-sponsored medical plan can get their health questions answered with a free call to NurseLine. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help make good health care decisions and to provide peace of mind.

tobacco cessation program

Team members and dependents enrolled in a Target-sponsored medical plan can participate in the free tobacco cessation program.